ODE Visual Arts Standards

The Chardon Art Department follows the 2012 Ohio Visual Arts Standards when designing lessons, teaching and assessing student art work.art tools

All standards are guided by concepts known as Enduring Understanding:

Personal Choice and Vision: Students construct and solve problems of personal relevance and interest when expressing themselves through visual art.

Critical and Creative Thinking: Students combine and apply artistic and reasoning skills to imagine, create, realize and refine artworks in conventional and innovative ways.

Authentic Application and Collaboration: Students work individually and in groups to focus ideas and create artworks that address genuine local and global community needs.

Literacy: As consumers, critics and creators, students evaluate and understand artworks and other texts produced in the media forms of the day.

Progress points for all students (at the appropriate developmental level) are:

Recognize that people from various times and cultures create works of art to be looked at, valued and enjoyed.

Explore a range of art concepts and artworks and construct meaning about the works.

Connect making art with individual choice and understanding persona cultural identity.

Produce artworks that express and represent their experiences, imagination and ideas using a rang of media including new technologies.

Form and express opinions about artworks and apply critical and creative thinking skills to assess and refine their artworks.

A complete listing and explanation of the 2012 Ohio Visual Arts Standards can be found at