Making Sense of Your Grade in Art Class

Making Sense Of Your Art Grade

A.R.T. = attitude, respect & teamwork


Since projects take multiple class periods to complete and students do not have an opportunity to “re-do” projects; an emphasis on attitude, respect and teamwork is critical to developing positive peer relationships and work ethic in art class. Expectations are posted in the classroom and reviewed periodically. These expectations include school wide rules including keeping  hands and feet to one self, using time wisely, using materials properly, treating each other with respect, speaking appropriately and following directions the first time they are given. Students will receive a verbal warning, may have a seating change, may be asked to sit away from the group or may be removed from the class. Parents should expect that recurring behavior issues will be noted via Infinite Campus in the comment section. Serious infractions will be handled on an individual basis and parents will be contacted via a phone call. Behavior plans from the homeroom teacher will be used if needed by the art teacher.

Projects are worth 10 points

9-10 points= means you understood the assignment and did as much as you could to   make your project complete, detailed and creative. You did independent research and extended the assignment to suit your own ideas. You demonstrated strong skills and exemplary work habits.

7-8 points= means you understood the assignment and did as much as you could to make your project complete. You began to add your own ideas. You showed strong skills and work habits.

6 points= means you understood the assignment and did most of what you were asked to do. Your project was mostly complete. You showed some improvement in skill and work habits.

4-5 points= means you understood the basics of the project but did not do all that you might have to complete it. You could follow directions, add more detail and use better craftsmanship. Check with the teacher to get more information.

2-3 points= means you participated very little in classroom activity and did little of what was required. Following  all directions, adding details and doing your best work (craftsmanship) would improve your grade. Check with the teacher  as you work to make sure you are on the right track.

0-1 points= means you were in class but not working on your project. You did not use your time wisely, wasted materials, bothered other students and did not follow directions. You did the barest minimum and made no effort to improve.

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