Elementary Art Expectations


A.R.T. banner

Attitude, Respect & Teamwork 
All students are expected to follow school rules, which include:

Park: P= positive- sit nicely

         A= attentive- listen & follow directions

         R= responsible- sit quietly, do my best work, clean up after myself, use materials       properly

         K= kind- raise my hand, wait my turn, use kind words with others 

Munson: TOPPERS: T= take responsibility

O= open your mind

P= persevere

P= participate

E= encourage others

R= respect everyone

S= strive for excellence


Grading & Assessment for Art Classes


The rationale for grading is based on best practices in art instruction. Students in kindergarten through third grades receive art instruction once a week for 35 minutes. There is no opportunity to ‘re-do” a project due to time constraints. Each project may take from 2-4 class periods, depending on media and complexity. The skill level for young children is varied, taking into account interest, natural ability and fine motor development. Therefore, project assessment is not the main focus of art instruction. Each child is assessed on their work ethic, following directions, using time wisely, making their best effort and working cooperatively with their classmates and teacher. I look for improvement rather than perfection in regard to their art projects. I expect each child to give their best effort every day in art class. Grades are entered via Infinite Campus. Questions or concerns can be directed to me through a phone call to Park,  Munson or Chardon Early Learning Center or via email- beth.stickley@chardonschools.org (best option)